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Submission 2 of 5

What a lovely group of friends! :D


Submission 1 of 5

Two darlings! <3


Hi everyone!

It’s time for a Valentine’s Day special giveaway!

Every re blog of this post is a chance to win this cute Spider Valentine brooch from our etsy shop! Postage is covered, if you win it’s completely free! Winner will be randomly chosen after 3 pm Tuesday. So re blog away, and best of luck to you!


 Just a reminder that this contest ends at 3 pm today! So reblog before then for a chance to win!


Submission 4 of 4

What a wonderful message for this very deserving girl! <3


Submission 3 of 4

A special valentine for a lovely lolita!


Submission 2 of 4

What a cutie in blonde & blue!


Submission 1 of 4

A sweet valentine for a sweet girl! <3


Submission 2 of 2

What a pretty outfit! :) Lovely!


Submission 1 of 2

What a sweet, inspiring, and sincere valentine for these two amazing girls! <3


Submission 1 of 1

Dolldelight is so pretty! :D

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